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Canada Water Campaign Bulletin10-06-03


The Annual General Meeting of the Canada Water Campaign

Alfred Salter School , Quebec Way, Rotherhithe, SE16
Tuesday, 10 th June, 2003 at 7.00pm






Present: David Brunskill (DB) Chair
Pauline Adenwalla (PA) Treasurer
Janet Hodge (JH) Secretary

Apologies: Gary Glover Shirley Fahy Sandy Adirondack Naomi Dearsley Nicola Fagan Tricia Watson

1. Welcome and Introduction

DB opened the meeting and advised that the AGM had been held-over to co-incide with consultation regarding the forthcoming Exhibition of Plans for Canada Water.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The Minutes of the previous EGM ( ) related to agreement of the Master Developer Brief and were approved. The Minutes of the AGM were tabled (180302) and agreed.

Proposed: Philip Baker
Seconded: Bob Muid
Adopted: Unanimously

3. Matters Arising


4. Annual Report

DB delivered a slide presentation entitled ‘The Jury is still out' which summarised the process and events to date. Canada Water had been saved but there was still much to be done. The culmination of almost 3 years' work will rest on the developer selected. ; whether as the master developer partner the aspirations of the community contained in the Vision for Canada Water, the 8 topic papers and the Master Developer Brief will be delivered . The MDB had undergone extensive community consultation and finally accepted on its 8 th draft. DB felt that whilst a great deal of success had been achieved (a comprehensive Health Topic paper was almost complete) the Forum had failed to deliver a Youth Paper. Both he and Cllr Rajan were now working closely with Karl Murray, Head of Youth Services and funding had been secured to consult with youth on the exhibition plans. DB was extremely concerned that youth crime is growing and unfortunately the fastest was Rotherhithe. Downtown and Russia Dock Woodlands in particular were experiencing severe problems. Statistics for both Rotherhithe and Bermondsey indicate crime is falling but it was generally believed that residents affected by crime no longer bothered to report it.

Brendan Reilly asked the weight Finance against Quality and DB advised that he could not provide an answer. The CWC would await the Quality Panel recommendations who would report back to the Forum on 8/7 (closed session). Local councillors and council officers will be present will also be in attendance and DB hoped that a balance would be achieved between quality and the amenities and facilities available against the financial benefit. It was accepted that Southwark have a financial duty to maximise land value and this may not meet the community's wishes. The current plans are a huge improvement on those originally submitted, however, it is understood that the community can say no. The Forum, QP and council officers will present their views to the Executive and discussed at a special meeting some time in August.

Finally, DB outlined the background to the Mori poll. The first Mori poll had provided comprehensive data from residents on the peninsula that Canada Water should be saved and wildlife protected. Beatice Leung who was closely involved with the first poll has provided valuable assistance in DB proposed that a vote of thanks be extended to those members of the Quality Panel (Pauline Adenwall, Brian Hodge and Bob Muid) who had worked diligently on considering the developers' plans and all they have achieved.

Adopted: Unanimously

5. Annual Accounts

PA presented the Annual Accounts showing that a balance of £108. The accounts were accepted

Proposed: Brian Addis
Seconded: Martin Summersgill
Adopteted: Unanimously

6. Election of Officers:

DB had tendered his resignation as Chair as did Gary Glover (Vice-Chair). Both PA & JH were happy to stand for election. DB had nominated PA for the post of Chair and Bob Muid as Vice-Chair. This motion was accepted.

Proposed: ?
Seconded: ?
Adopted: Unanimously

The present committee also agreed to continue and the full Committee now comprises:

Pauline Adenwalla Chair & Treasurer

Bob Muid Vice-Chair

Janet Hodge Secretary

Brian Hodge, Emma Williams, Nicola Fagan, Sheila Taylor, Marion Weatherhead, Martin Summersgill, Hilary Satchwell

Three CWC members were nominated as representatives to the Forum:

Pauline Adenwalla
Janet Hodge
Brian Hodge

Proposed: David Brunskill
Seconded: Bob Muid
Adopted: Unanimously

PA extended DB on behalf of the Campaign and the Community and said that a great debt is owed to DB for the work he has undertaken in ensuring that the CWC is a force to be reckoned with! A vote of thanks and appreciation was extended to the Committee for the work they have done in delivering the MDB, Topic Papers, etc.

7. Selection of a Master Developer Partner/ Exhibition of 3 short-listed developers:

PA advised that the CWC Planning Committee/Quality Panel would be meeting at Alfred Salter on Monday 16 th June and anyone wishing to attend to participate in the debate was welcome (contact JR if interested).

•  Go to the Exhibition (21-29 June)

•  Voice comments/objections on the proposals (via the questionnaire)

•  Attend Community Council meetings (11 June – Watersports Centre)

•  Be vigilant


Cllr Anne Yates suggested liaising with Cllr Beverley Bassom who had recently organised a youth event in Southwark Park in conjunction with the Met. Police or possibly use the Rotherhithe Festival to sound out youngsters opinions. Cllr Columba Blango, current Mayor of Southwark advised that his theme is Youth and Support and he was keen to offer support.


PA reminded everyone that Tesco had submitted major plans for redevelopment approximately six months ago and no further news had been heard. She urged everyone to remain vigilant and make contact if any news was heard. It was understood that Ampurius (previous owners of Site D and those responsible for fencing off footpath) may have bought the trading estate site.

Grateful Thanks

CWC would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has given their much valued time, help and support to the Campaign during the past year. In particular, we would like to thank all those who help to leaflet houses, pubs, shops, schools and underground stations and they are:

Shirley Fahy Sheila Taylor Tricia Watson Eric Peake

Len Hatch Beryl Phillips Cindy Glover Jill Nelmes

Sandra & Stan Koura

Staff, volunteers & helpers at Time & Talents


*Copies of the 3 plans are available at Rotherhithe Library and Time & Talents Centre.