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  Canada Water Campaign Bulletin18-02-03  



Tuesday, 18 th February, 2003 at 7:00pm
Alfred Salter Primary School


•  Minutes of the last meeting

•  Matters Arising

•  Progress with construction partners

•  Presentation Martin and Hilary

•  Southwark Plan

•  SPG

•  Action on Albatross Way

•  Other sites

•  Educational Video

•  AOB





7.00pm Tuesday, 18 th February, 2003
Alfred Salter Primary School

Present: David Brunskill, Pauline Adenwalla, Gary Glover, Sheila Taylor, Brian Hodge, Janet Hodge, Hilary Satchwell, Martin Summersgill, Bob Muid & Jackie Rose.

Guests: Neil Phoenix, Conrad Phoenix Properties Ltd; Richard Olsen, Orion Land & Leisure Ltd; Mike Crosby, Cornish Architects; Liz Dabell, Cornish Architects

Apologies: Emma Williamson

Conrad Phoenix: new owners of Sites C& E

CWC Planning and Committee met informally with Conrad Phoenix to discuss their vision for the sites and obtain background/feedback. DB provided a potted history and suggested the group read the vision statement, topic papers, MDB, PDPTA and the Mori poll to obtain a complete picture. NC advised that the tele-hotel has been scrapped. Cornish Architects are currently working on alternative designs for phase 1 Site E and the deadline late March is tight. He confirmed it would be residential with some mixed/community use at ground floor level.

Lengthy discussion gave everyone an opportunity to air their view. It was stressed that transport links were not excellent (category 2 of the GLA plan - near bottom), disaffected youth need urgent facilities but not a 24 hour society (RO did give positive example of how this can work). Housing on the outer ring of the peninsula and road access restricts transport development and causes heavy car use.

In summary, DB welcomed constructive dialogue with all developers. CWC and the Forum represent a number of people and groups who are all concerned; both are apolitical and definitely not NIMBY. DB looked forward to representatives of Conrad Phoenix/Orion Land attending Forum meetings and asked whether Noel Ashton had yet advised whether he would be resigning.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting (20/11):


2. Matters Arising:

a) Website:

BM has constructed a website and David Jones had offered to assist with future management. DB expressed thanks to BM for the excellent site and JR would liaise re transfer of documentation.


b) Temporary use of vacant land:

Nothing to report from LBS. PA commented that other developments (Potters Fields) have initiated community projects with artists and details of Creative Partnership would be sent to Pascale.


c) Slough Estates

A summary letter had not yet been sent to Slough Estates formally noting CWC objections to all 4 plans. MS would be asked to provide a draft.

MS/DB 3. Progress with construction partners (see above also)

It was understood that Slough had met separately with LBS and PA felt it would be useful to meet with Slough Estates and maintain dialogue. DB would make contact.


4. Presentation on heights and densities(Hilary & Martin)

Hilary provided an informative paper which identified current densities on a variety of developments together with comparisons (ie Bedzed, Millennium) and outlined key issues. It also contained a number of useful accompanying documents.


A letter would be sent to Cllr Cathy Bowman (cc Cllr Hubber) attaching the cover page and expressing the Committees' view of ‘mixed use densities'.


5. Southwark Plan

A formal objection from the CWC was sent in early December. 6. SPG

BH was still in the process of drafting comments and these will be circulated shortly.


7. Action on Albatross Way

CWC hold a substanital evidence indicating Southwark's error. LBS Planning advise that they cannot locate proof that an S106 agreement was signed. Therefore, a letter would be drafted and sent to Cllr Bowman outlining:


•  The current owners are in breach of the S106 agreement appertaining to the PSIT permission.

•  S106 conditions remain in force until further planning permission is granted for the land in question.

•  No subsequent planning permissions have been made in respect of this footpath and garden.

•  Insist that the London Borough of Southwark take enforcement action immediately in respect of the existing S106 conditions and re-open the whole area to the public.


8. Other sites

Carried over.

9. Education video

Carried over.

10. Any other business: