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  Canada Water Campaign Bulletin22-01-07 #41  

Updates for Canada Water Consultative Forum 22-01-2007


Multi-modal transport study  -  Update from LBS Tim Thompson 19/01/07

  1. the project commenced in April 2006

  2. traffic surveys were undertaken in June 2006. These comprised:

    • roadside interview surveys (RSI's)
    • traffic counts
    • vehicle movement surveys
    • London Underground passenger surveys
    • pedestrian interview surveys
    • bus occupancy surveys
    • volumetric cyclist surveys
    • queue surveys

      the Survey Report was submitted end September 2006.
  3. The draft Local Modal Validation Report was submitted to the Council in mid January 2007.
    This details the development of the base year modelling framework which comprises three separate models, a local multi modal model, a micro-simulation model and a strategic highway model. The models represent a 2006 base year for the AM (0700-1000) and PM (1600-1900) weekday periods.
    The strategic highway model covers a large part of London and provides a mechanism for assessing the impacts of wider area developments which may affect the routeing of private vehicle traffic through Jamaica Rd. and Lower Rd.
    The multi-modal model represents movements of traffic, both public and private into and out of the Rotherhithe Peninsula. It covers the immediate area within the vicinity of the Rotherhithe Peninsula. The following modes are included, road traffic, London Underground and Buses.
    The micro-simulation provides a mechanism for assessing the detailed operation of the main road network within the immediate vicinity of the Rotherhithe Peninsula, including Jamaiaca Rd. and Lower Rd.

  4. Forecasting
    The next stage of the study, up to the end of April 2007, is to undertake various forecast scenarios which will take account of known developments within the immediate vicinity of Rotherhithe and neigbouring boroughs. Following this, various alternative options as specified by LBS will be tested.


Strategic Landowners Group – Update from LBS – Tim Thompson  19/01/07

The first such group meeting was held on 23rd October 2006.
There is now a second meeting in the diary for 27th February 2007.
The purpose of the meetings is for strategic landowners to meet to build momentum for greater coordination, that will enable the more efficient delivery of well planned facilities and development across the Canada Water area.


SITE D – Update from Laing O’Rourke 19/01/07

We are ahead of programme with the concrete works.

The majority of the concrete works will be completed in Feb 2007.
Internal finishes/fit out works are in progress.

The last of the prefabricated roof modules will be lifted onto the roof of the fifth building next week. The roof of the last building will be constructed up on the roof; it will not be delivered to site as prefabricated modules. This roof is a one off; the roofs on the other five buildings were all identical, which made prefabrication off site viable.

The remaining tower crane will be removed from site on the weekend of 24/25 Feb 2007. This will require the temporary closure of the section of Canada Street as per the previous closures.

We had a serious break in on Sunday 7th Jan, early in the morning, and as a consequence we have decided to go ahead and install razor wire on top of all the hoarding. The police caught the thieves in the act, and we were able to recover all the items which they had removed from the site.




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