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Canada Water Consultative Forum


Terms of Reference


The Canada Water Consultation Forum (“the Forum”) is an independent body established to promote, secure and implement a programme of sustainable development for the Rotherhithe Peninsula (“the Project”) .

Area of Representation
The Forum draws its representatives from the wards of Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks along with the area of Livesey ward northeast of the railway line.

Composition of Forum

The Forum shall consist of:
4 x representatives from the London Borough of Southwark (“LBS”)

10x Community Representatives:

(Elected at annual meetings of the various groupings)

Private Owner occupiers/resident associations x2

Local Authority Residential Leaseholders/ Tenants Associations x2

Faith Groups x1

Voluntary and Community Organisations working with residents x 2

Canada Water campaign x 3

4 x landowner representatives

2 x representatives of local Business

2 x representatives of local Youth (maximum age 18 years)

The Master Developer Partner


The Forum shall have the power to co-opt no more than 3 people at any one time who in the opinion of the Forum can either provide specialist knowledge or can fill gaps in representation.

Responsibilities of the Forum

The Forum shall be responsible for:

•  advising on the overall direction of development proposals within the area of consultation

•  ensuring public awareness and involvement with the above process

•  working collectively with Southwark Council and other partners to ensure that appropriate arrangements exist for consultation

•  Establishing Task Groups/Sub-Groups to consider and report on any issue as appropriate with terms of reference for each group as appropriate.

The Forum seeks to obtain the views of those who wish to comment regardless of ethnicity, age, disablility, sexual orientation and will actively work with other organisations to obtain views.

In carrying out its functions the Forum will have access to Council Officers and other advisors throughout the duration of the project and will be encouraged to comment upon, challenge, influence and shape the proposals prior to formal Council decisions being made. The Council will make available, on request, background documents and information to aid the process of consultation.

All Forum members will use their best endeavours to work together to ensure the success of the project, working in partnership with all other members of the consultation forum.


Notice of Meetings

The Agenda and papers for discussion shall be circulated 7 days prior to the meeting, and only in matters of urgency shall papers be circulated 3 working days in advance.

Late items will be accepted at the discretion of the Chair, and shall only be matters that are urgent and could not be included in the Agenda.

Annual Meeting

The Forum shall hold an Annual Meeting to elect a Chair and Vice Chair and conduct any other business of an annual nature.

Servicing of Meetings

Servicing of meetings will be arranged by (currently) the London Borough of Southwark, which will include taking minutes, sending out papers to Forum members and circulating information to other relevant parties.

Conduct of Meetings

•  The Chair of the Forum will chair meetings.

•  Items for the Agenda shall be notified to the Chair of the Forum and LBS at least 14 days before each meeting.


The quorum for meetings will be 8 members including the Chair or vice-Chair and at least one representative from LBS, the Landowners group and the community.

Frequency of Meetings

•  The Forum will agree a timetable for meetings 6 months in advance.

•  The Chair, after consultation with the Vice-Chair, may convene an urgent meeting outside the agreed schedule to discuss any urgent issues that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting, in which case the procedure for notice of meetings will be followed.

•  The meetings will be open to the public as observers, with the exception of confidential business, which will be clearly indicated on the agenda.

•  Representations to the Forum or the opportunity to address the meeting will be at the discretion of the chair.

Conflict of Interest

It is acknowledged that Forum members may have direct financial interest in some projects to be discussed by the Forum. Such potential conflicts are inevitable and should not present a problem if they are dealt with correctly.

A register will kept of all those declaring an interest.

Forum members shall declare their interest as soon as discussion occurs, or when identified and withdraw from any discussion regarding, or leading to, a decision on funding or purchasing of the project in question.

Amendments to the Canada Water Consultative Forum Terms of Reference or Standing Orders

The Terms of Reference or the Standing Orders can be amended, with the agreement of at least two thirds of members including at least one member from the community, the landowners and the London Borough of Southwark , at the Annual Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting called for the purpose with Forum members being given 28 days notice of such a meeting.

Amendments must be Proposed and Seconded by Forum members in writing and notified to the Forum meeting prior to the Annual Meeting or in the case of an Extraordinary meeting the Forum meeting before notice is issued.

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