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Some Comments from residents

I am also dismayed by the fact a potential 10 story block is being outlined to be built next to Canada Water station. The last thing the area needs is another big block. The focus should definitely be on using up waste land, but the area needs to attract young wealthy professionals, and provide them with cafe's, restaurants, shops and good bars locally to increase the creation of jobs for the local community and to make the area more visitor friendly. There is currently a large catchment of young professionals living in the area, but there needs to be more amenities provided to them. A vibrant feel to the area needs to be created without detracting from the natural beauty of the docks, parks, etc.

Although British Land-Canada Quays have submitted an outline planning application to build a 10 storey tower on Site A, they stated on the front page of IT's NEWS (December 2005) that it was their intention to build a higher tower (possibly 16 storeys) when the final planning application is made.

The approved planning permission is now for a 26 storey block next to Canada Water bus and tube station.

My own personal bete noire is the Lower Road one way system which is always clogged in the rush hour, and at any other time when the police show up to enforce the bus lane [7am to 7pm]. I still can't believe we are going ahead with all this wonderful development, yet we have a single lane of traffic to carry us in and out of Surrey Quays - and that one lane is already carrying the cars coming down from Rotherhithe roundabout. This subject is mentioned time and time again, but is anyone ever going to do anything about it?

To a certain extent, I agree with the comments made in 2004. Most people that I have spoken to want a cafe society, with good restaurants, shops, and an attractive waterside environment where people can live and play.

What people do NOT want is the removal of existing facilities such as the perfectly good swimming pool on Lower Rd, with the promise of a new pool which will then fail to materialise. There is already plenty of housing in Surrey Quays for families, what is needed is to attract young, wealthy people with money to spend and somewhere to spend it.

I think there might be a case for keeping some of this land as common land.  Has anyone investigated this option yet?  I am dismayed by the Southwark planning application for buildings up to 10 stories tall.  Is there going to be a CWC formal response to the planning application?

What Rotherhithe / Surrey Quays lacks is not green space, parks etc. but facilities such as good restaurants, wine bars and good shops.

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