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Plan showing the current sites for development

  LDDC mini map  




Second deposit draft Southwark Unitary Development Plan 2004 map


Original British Land & Canada Quays design concepts for the site (2003)

  View of proposed development  
  Schematic map of development  
  1. Canal link to Surrey Water
  2. Butterfly Tower
  3. New Civic Square
  4. Gateway Tower
  5. Hotel
  6. "Canadian Shield" rock formation
  7. Aquatic centre (swimming and diving pools)
  8. Floating outdoor swimming pool
  9. Fitness Centre
  10. Year-round skating rink
  11. New department store
  12. Housing overlooking Lower Road
  13. Improved pedestrian access to Lower Road
  14. Re-landscaped Docks Promenade
  15. Birch Grove
  16. Office Quarter
  17. Ecology Quarter
  18. Maple Grove
  19. Library and Learning Resource Centre
  20. Baffin basin Water Feature

Current British Land & Canada Quays design concepts for the site (June 2005)

  View from the North  

Detail of retail area


View from the East looking over Surrey Quays Road




View from the South

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