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Mulberry Park (corner of Quebec Way & Canada Street )

Panter Hudspith Architects

View looking east along Quebec Way

View looking east along Quebec Way

View looking south along Canada Street

View looking south along Canada Street

Detailed view of entrances and streetscape

Detailed view of entrances and streetscape

GL Hearn and Panter Hudspith Architects have produced new documents for their revised submission for Mulberry Park. The relevant files may be accessed below.

The planning application files for the development can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below:
Design & Access Statement.pdf 17.7Mb file This file contains the most interesting information

Proposed Car Park Plan.pdf
Proposed Ground Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 1st Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 2nd Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 3rd Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 4th Floor Plan.pdf

Proposed 5th Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 6th Floor Plan.pdf
Proposed 7th Floor Plan.pdf

Transport Assessment.pdf 31.5Mb

Some of these files are large and we suggest that you right mouse click on the link and Save Target As... This will allow you to download faster.

The Site

The site is located within an area of mixed use, including residential, light industrial, retail and leisure. The site currently houses a selection of B1 use warehouses and offices. It is immediately adjacent to Canada Street which lies to the West, Harmsworth Quays Printing Works is to the East, Alfred Salter Primary School is to the North and to the South is another site which is currently being considered for redevelopment by others.

Mulberry Site

Massing and Urban form

The massing of the redevelopment is a response to the issues identified in the current site environment. The massing of the redevelopment is highest against the print works and gradually reduces to the perimeter at the school and Canada Street. The housing blocks gently reduce in height, giving an attractive terraced form to the overall massing.

The form of the housing units are interlaced creating a coherent layout by introducing a series
of green courtyards and public spaces to the site. The forms of the building are shaped in order to allow good daylight and sun penetration to the flats and the courtyards.

Harmswoth Quays noise problem   Tall buildings next to printing works
Issue: Harmsworth Quays printing works produces noise.   Solution: Tall B1 units introduced along edge of site to protect new residential units from noise.
Alfred Satlter School daylight   Pathways

Daylight and sunlight to Alfred Salter Primary School and grounds.

Low rise residential development introduced along Quebec Way reduces overshadowing.

To create a vibrant and coherent urban layout by introducing a series of smaller scale green courtyards adn public spaces to the site.
The development is permeable and encourages pedestrian movement and activity through the site.
  site massing
The mass and form the new development allows good daylight and sunlight penetration to the flats and courtyards.
  Model showing site massing
pedestrian movement  

Quality of the public environment within the

Traffic will not be allowed into the core of the redevelopment, instead a pedestrian route links the North of the site to a new public square to the South. The pedestrian link will draw people from the North and West of the site en-route to Canada Water. Public use of the pedestrian route is encouraged by providing a landscaped environment. It is hoped that in the future the public square will spill over into the adjacent site in the South. The North-South pedestrian route is rhythmically punctuated by a series of public courtyards. Water from pools in the courtyards feed a generous water channel which runs the length of the pedestrian route. It is hoped that in the future the water channel will be a theme which physically connects other developments,
thus giving further coherence to the immediate

New B1 use, offices etc are planned adjacent to
Harmsworth Quays to replace the existing employment opportunity. Both private and affordable housing units will be provided to balance the housing needs within the Borough.

The Landscape Proposal

The design has been developed which comprises new residential units grouped around beautifully landscaped courtyards. The courtyards are green spaces with grass, fl ower beds, large deciduous trees and water pools that articulate the spaces, provide amenity, opportunity for activity, rest and repose within the urban framework. The courtyards create a site which is permeable and encourages pedestrian movement through the site rather than at its edges.

Rainwater for landscape irrigation will be collected from the roofs and stored beneath the courtyards. The recycled water will ensure that the courtyards remain green all year round.


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